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How to Move Multiple/Bulk Files in SharePoint Online

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Moving a large amount of files in SharePoint Online can be an exercise in frustration if you attempt to do it one-by-one.

We suggest you use this method if you have a Windows PC and use Internet Explorer, which is also shown in the video above:

  1. From the page that contains the documents you wish to move, click Library.
  2. Select Open with Explorer (tip: if you don’t have your window maximized, this link will look like an icon with a folder and a monitor).Open with Explorer icon in SharePoint Online
  3. A Windows Explorer folder will open, where you can multi-select and drag files, or drop bulk files into the folder.
  4. If you wish to move files between SharePoint libraries, follow steps 1-3 so that you have two folders open for both libraries, and drag and drop between the folders.

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