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How to Hide Private Info in a Shared Google Doc

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You don’t have to be an international spy to want to keep some aspects of a document private. Google’s native sharing settings are only capable of sharing an entire Doc or keeping an entire Doc private. What do you do if you want to hide only specific passages?

Using this free add-on, you can block out sections of text from a document so you only show collaborators what they need to see. Info like full names, email addresses, or other personal information will remain private while the rest of the document is shared. Although the Docs look a little bit like classified government reports on extraterrestrials, the functionality is great for any Docs user who is serious about privacy.

Note: This add-on is for end users looking to add another level of security to their Docs, but if you are an Admin and want to implement domain wide Drive security, we would recommend at looking into an enterprise level drive security tool.

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