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How to Delete Emails with the New Android Gmail App

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The latest update to the Android Gmail app defaults to the Archive messages setting, rather than Delete. While I can understand the switch to this new default (we all have that irrational / rational fear of accidentally deleting an important message), a lot of people use the Delete function on a daily basis.

If you’re receiving hundreds of emails a day, the delete function may have just become part of your routine. Fortunately, you can restore this Android JellyBean Logosetting by following a few short steps.

Do you know how to print directly from your Android device?

1.) Go to Settings then General Settings on your Android device
2.) From there, select ‘Archive & delete actions’
3.) You’ll now have three options – ‘Show archive only’, ‘Show delete only’ and ‘Show archive and delete’
4.) If you want to go back to deleting messages, select ‘Show delete only’
5.) Return to your home screen and the new setting should be updated

You also have the option to delete messages with gestures. Select ‘Swipe to delete’ from the General Settings menu to delete messages by swiping from the top-level of your inbox.

If that irrational / rational fear of permanently deleting an important message arises again, you’re in luck. Your deleted messages are automatically stored for 30 days, which should be plenty of time to realize your mistake. To access the deleted messages just open up the Trash label.

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