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6 Ways to Become a Google Slides Pro

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Are you a Google Slides master? If you’re not there yet, have no fear. Once you take advantage of these useful features, tricks, and shortcuts, you’ll be a Slides expert in no time.

Use the interactive Q&A feature with your audience

This is an excerpt from our post How to Use the Q&A Feature in Google Slides.

With this interactive Q&A feature that Google rolled out earlier this year, you can collaborate with your audience by allowing them to submit questions and vote on them during Slides presentations.

Use your mouse as a laser pointer

This is an excerpt from our post Use Your Mouse as a Laser Pointer in Google Slides (Plus 2 More Useful Tips).

If you’ve ever given a presentation in Slides and wished you had a laser pointer to highlight key points, you’re in luck: You can use your mouse as one.

Add interactive images

This is an excerpt from our post Advanced Tricks for Making Your Google Slides Better with Multimedia.

(Tip is at 2:27)

To really jazz up your slides, you can create interactive images that link to other slides, rather than just inserting boring text links.

Use animations

This is an excerpt from our post How to Use Animations in Google Presentations

Rather than just displaying static information to your audience, try using animations for text or images (or both). They can provide visual transitions and help make information much more memorable and compelling.

Use design tricks that the pros use

This is an excerpt from our post Become a Google Slides Artist With These 7 Tricks.

From keyboard shortcuts to masking images, Slides has an impressive set of tools that everyone can use to become a Slides artist. These are tricks that our very own graphic designer, Jenny Lee, uses to create stunning presentations.

Insert videos

This is an excerpt from our post How to Insert Non-YouTube Videos Into Google Slides.

Including videos in your Slides presentation can boost your audience’s attention and interest, especially if it provides comedic relief after a few serious slides. It’s a piece of cake to include a YouTube video in your slide, as you’ll see in the video above.

However, if you’re in an organization where YouTube is blocked, as seen in some education and government organizations, adding a video isn’t as simple. Here’s a quick workaround to show you how to include any mp4 file in your Slides presentation.

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