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Product Tip Tuesday: Profile Cleanup


April 16, 2019

2 minute read

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There are manual actions and there are fully automated workflows. Sometimes, neither is exactly what you need. Lucky for you, on-demand workflows give you the best of both worlds. These workflows are customizable automation sequences where you can string together a collection of actions and press play when you want, instead of waiting on a trigger.

This week’s product tip covers one of our most popular on-demand workflows: profile cleanup. You can finally solve an age-old IT challenge: keeping user profile information consistent across applications.

Using BetterCloud, you can update user data (e.g., first name, title, and department) across your core SaaS applications based on your source of truth, whether that’s Okta, Google, or Office 365. Accurate data across your applications allows you to build automated conditional workflows and policies that rely on user profile information.

Use cases

On-demand profile cleanup workflows take (some of) the headache out of office moves or mergers. In both of these cases, IT teams can use the workflow to easily change the addresses, department names, etc. of entire teams in bulk.

Additionally, this workflow simplifies user lifecycle management. If a user changes roles, gets married (and changes their name), or begins reporting to a new manager, the workflow gives IT a centralized place to make the appropriate changes across all connected SaaS apps at once.

Here’s a quick overview of how this workflow looks in BetterCloud:

This guarantees that a user’s information is identical across connected SaaS apps. To learn more about on-demand workflows, check out our Help Center article.