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Product Tip Tuesday: Discover Who Your Files Are Shared With


November 18, 2019

2 minute read

PTT FileSharing

SaaS applications have given users the ability to share information with unprecedented ease. While it’s a wonderful benefit for end users, this ability has created new challenges for SaaSOps professionals. 

For most people, sharing business documents with a personal email address is done for the sake of convenience, without thinking twice. However, this practice is a headache for IT and security teams who need to know where all their company’s data is and who has access to it. BetterCloud gives you visibility into what G Suite, Dropbox, and Box files are shared with personal emails and allows you to put an end to it.

To find files that are shared with a personal email, you have to set up a filter in the Files grid. Not only can you search for domains likely used for personal email (e.g.,,,, but you can also search for competitors’ domains if you want to ensure that you don’t have any double agents in your ranks


What the Files Grid Filter will look like if you have previews enabled

What the Files Grid Filter will look like if you have previews disabled

Now that you can see what files are shared with the indicated domain, you can remove file collaborators on documents that should not be shared outside of your environment. All you need to do is select the relevant files, go to the Action Engine, then choose “Remove file collaborators.”

That’s all there is to it—just a few steps to help protect your organization’s data. For further actions related to this use case, visit the Help Center.