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Product Tip Tuesday: OAuth Discovery and Beyond


June 29, 2021

2 minute read

oAuthPPT FeatureImage

IT teams are always trying to answer critical questions about all of the apps, files, and permissioning within their network. Which apps in your cloud environment are sanctioned by IT, and which apps are employees using outside of their purview? Does every file with sensitive information have secure permissions, or have they been made available to anyone with the link?

App and file discovery is a great first step, but how IT teams remediate what they find is even more important.

BetterCloud’s Discover module allows you to use a combination of OAuth, SSO, direct BetterCloud Integrations, and ERP/Expense integrations to find the apps in your network. Our Secure module then takes app and file security to the next level with alerts and workflows to automate the next steps once apps and files are found.

Here’s an example of BetterCloud’s app discovery capabilities across active integrations, outlining how the app was found, when it was added to the environment, and its status within the organization:


The Alerts feature then gives you a heads up about any changes or issues related to users, files, or groups within your organization. This gives IT teams the visibility they need across all of their apps so that they can take action more proactively in BetterCloud when necessary.

Finally, triggered workflows enable IT teams to automate responses to non-compliant file sharing, app permissioning, or other issues. Using alerts as triggers, IT can automatically remediate issues as they occur, which reduces the risk of missing something after working hours. It also drastically decreases the burden on your team to check for issues manually.

Below is an example of a triggered workflow from a security alert for employees who set up email forwarding from their corporate email:


To learn more about how BetterCloud can help centralize your OAuth discovery, alerts and remediation automation, check out the Discover and Secure documentation in our technical knowledge base.