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G2’s Spring 2022 Grid Reports Emphasize The Need for SaaS Operations


March 22, 2022

3 minute read

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Today, G2 released its Spring 2022 Grid Reports—and we’re excited to announce that once again, BetterCloud was named a leader in six of them.  As always, we’re honored by this recognition, especially considering that it’s largely based on actual feedback from actual BetterCloud customers on G2’s platform. 

But now that BetterCloud has ranked so highly in so many G2 reports, our position in the Spring 2022 Grid Reports reconfirms that organizations are moving into what they describe as a natural governance cycle

While IT leaders should be applauded for their efforts to keep us productive while working from home at the beginning of the pandemic, they agree it’s critical to optimize those initial investments to continue delivering business value. Additionally, as organizations continue to embrace the SaaS explosion, IT leaders are making huge investments to secure their growing portfolios of cloud-based applications.

But even the most mature IT teams aren’t immune to the biggest challenges in SaaS operations. These latest reports from G2 confirm that BetterCloud is the only solution that can discover, manage, secure, automate, orchestrate and remediate all within a single platform. Let’s take a closer look at how BetterCloud stacks up in G2’s Spring 2022 reports and what it means for the future of IT.

A growing consensus that IT needs a single platform to manage their SaaS apps

If you’ve followed this blog over the last few months, the story that we’re telling here might look similar to this one or this one. And as we wrote in those posts, you’d actually be right in many ways. 

At the same time, it’s important to remember that many IT trends change on a quarterly basis. In the midst of all that change, there has been one constant in tech since the beginning of 2020: Most (if not) all experts agree that we’ll be using SaaS for the rest of our careers

Based on the feedback we received from G2’s users, it’s clear that BetterCloud is the only single platform they believe can empower their teams to discover, manage, and secure a cloud-first environment today and years into the future.

Speaking of that feedback, here’s how we rated across several of G2’s Grid reports this quarter:

Grid ReportRanking
Enterprise Grid Report for Data Security SoftwareLeader
Grid® for User Provisioning and Governance ToolsLeader
Grid® for Cloud Security SoftwareLeader
Grid® for SaaS Operations Management SoftwareLeader
Grid® for Data Loss Prevention (DLP) SoftwareLeader
Grid® for Cloud File Security SoftwareLeader

This probably wouldn’t be a story worth telling if these reports were based on two or three customer reviews on G2’s platform. However, our overall score in G2’s SaaS Operations Management Grid was based on hundreds of customer reviews. Not only did we receive high quality reviews from actual customers, but we heard from a lot of them for this quarter’s Grid Reports.

How BetterCloud stacks up in G2’s Spring 2022 reports

For the third quarter in a row, BetterCloud ranked as the leader in G2’s SaaS Operations Management Software category. In the interactive image below, you’ll note that BetterCloud outpaces the competition in this category by a significant margin.

As we mentioned earlier in this post, BetterCloud was named a leader in five additional grid reports. But take a look at G2’s Grid Report for Data Loss Prevention (DLP). We briefly called this grid out when G2 launched its Winter 2022 reports, but there’s more to dig into this time around—especially when you look at the types of companies BetterCloud stacks up against in the DLP category.

In the Leaders quadrant, you’ll see companies such as Symantec, Zscaler, and McAfee, just to name a few. These are the types of companies you’d expect to see in this grid report. Right there alongside those companies is BetterCloud, which is both flattering and striking since it’s the only SaaS management platform that G2 evaluated on its DLP grid. This is another layer of validation that IT teams want to discover, manage, and secure their cloud-first environments from a single platform—and more importantly, that BetterCloud is the top option on the market. 

Want to learn more about why BetterCloud ranks so highly across all of these G2 grid reports? Click here to schedule a demo.