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BetterCloud Is Named a Leader Across Six Product Categories in G2’s Winter 2022 Grid Reports


December 14, 2021

4 minute read

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Editor’s Note: In the minutes since this post was originally published, G2 named us a Leader in more of its Winter 2022 grid reports. We’ve updated the post to reflect those new honors.

Just three months ago, we proudly announced that G2 had named BetterCloud the Leader in its SaaS operations management grid for Fall 2021. Today, G2 released its Winter 2022 grid reports—and we’re back to announce that BetterCloud was named a Leader in six product categories and 14 grids covering mid-market and enterprise use cases.

These rankings are much more than pats on the back for a job well done. G2’s latest reports confirm that IT teams need a holistic solution to discover, manage, and secure a cloud-first environment. These grid reports also validate our belief that BetterCloud is the leading all-in-one SaaS management platform on the market. 

Here’s a closer look at how BetterCloud stacks up in G2’s Winter 2022 reports for SaaS operations management, SaaS security, and user provisioning and governance. You know, just to name a few. 

How BetterCloud stacks up in G2’s Winter 2022 reports

In the time since G2 named BetterCloud its leading SaaS operations management platform, nothing has changed! At the same time, a lot has changed.

For the second quarter in a row, BetterCloud had the highest scores in G2’s SaaS Operations Management Software category.  And as you can see in the interactive image below, BetterCloud outpaces the competition in this category by a significant margin.

We’re humbled (again) by our ranking in this G2 grid report. We’re equally, if not more, honored by the fact that BetterCloud was named a Leader in eight additional grid reports. Let’s unpack a few more of G2’s findings from this quarter, and why we feel that they confirm our belief that BetterCloud solves the biggest pain points IT organizations are facing.

How BetterCloud solves its customers’ biggest IT challenges 

As we mentioned earlier, G2 rated BetterCloud a Leader in nine of its Winter 2022 grid reports. Below you’ll find breakdown of how BetterCloud stacks up across a variety of G2 reports for this quarter.

Much like we saw in G2’s Fall 2021 grid reports, BetterCloud made a repeat appearance as a Leader in Data Security and User Provisioning & Governance. This time around, however, BetterCloud was also named a Leader in Data Loss Prevention (DLP). 

Report TypeGrid Quadrant
SaaS Operations ManagementLeader
Data Loss Prevention (DLP)Leader
DLP: Mid-MarketLeader
Data SecurityLeader
Data Security: Mid-MarketLeader
Data Security: EnterpriseLeader
User Provisioning and Governance (UPG)Leader
UPG: Mid-MarketLeader
UPG: EnterpriseLeader
Cloud SecurityLeader
Cloud Security: Mid-MarketLeader
Cloud Security: EnterpriseLeader
Cloud File SecurityLeader
Cloud File Security: MomentumLeader

In addition to grids, G2 also publishes index reports that provide more refined scoring in areas such as implementation, relationship, results and usability.

Index ReportIndex Ranking
SaaS Operations Management ImplementationLeader
SaaS Operations Management RelationshipLeader
SaaS Operations Management UsabilityLeader
Data Security Results: EnterpriseLeader
User Provisioning & Governance ImplementationTop 3
User Provisioning & Governance RelationshipTop 3
DLP RelationshipTop 3
DLP Relationship: Mid-MarketTop 3
DLP ResultsTop 3
Cloud File Security RelationshipTop 3

This blog post would have been worth writing just to call out BetterCloud’s position in each of these reports. But we were also struck by the story G2’s Winter 2022 findings told. And if you’ve read anything we’ve published on this blog over the past year or two, I’m willing to bet that you’re seeing the same things we are.

It’s no secret that IT needs solutions that enable the business to discover, manage, and secure a cloud-first environment. The rapid pace of SaaS adoption has permanently changed the role of IT. As cloud-first environments become the norm, IT needs the right tooling to manage SaaS at scale, protect sensitive data across hundreds of apps, and deliver a best-in-class employee experience that empowers people to be productive immediately.

Not only have several other research firms confirmed this hypothesis, but some of the world’s most influential IT leaders have been outspoken about how the SaaS explosion has shifted their priorities for the foreseeable future.

OK, so what’s the story here? For starters, there are a lot of people on G2 researching and reviewing solutions like ours. In the SaaS Operations Management Software grid, the four companies in G2’s Leaders table accounted for a total of 242 customer reviews. If that’s not confirmation that IT executives are convinced that they need to get their SaaS operations in order, I’m not sure how else to convince you.

Additionally, BetterCloud’s high marks across several relevant grid reports confirm that we offer a truly all-in-one SaaS operations solution—and more importantly, our customers agree. 

This is the part where we stop and offer up a huge thanks to all of our customers. As we said last September, we know you need the right tools to get the maximum value out of your SaaS applications, and we’ll keep evolving the platform to meet your needs today and well into the future.

Before we go, a quick refresher on G2 quarterly grid reports

Oh yeah, what the heck is G2? And why the heck are we writing this blog post?

In case you missed the Fall 2021 grid report recap, G2 is a peer-to-peer review website for folks looking for help in selecting the best products for their businesses, and to find peers with similar experiences. For its quarterly grid reports, G2 applies a proprietary algorithm to rate products and sellers based on reviews gathered from their user community, as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks.

Since these rankings are based on the number and quality of reviews we’ve received from our customers, we’re incredibly humbled by the findings of G2’s Winter 2022 grid reports. While we’re excited that our position in several reports has either stayed the same or improved, we’re looking forward to finding new ways to improve the product and continue earning your trust.

Want to learn more about why BetterCloud ranks so highly across all of these G2 grid reports? Click here to schedule a demo.