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BetterCloud Ranks First in G2’s Fall 2021 SaaS Operations Management Grid


September 7, 2021

4 minute read

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Back in 2018, Gartner released its first market guide for SaaS management platforms (SMP). In the time since, several analyst reports have confirmed that the market is not just viable, but that an SMP like BetterCloud is essential for any organization looking to manage a large SaaS portfolio.

We’re proud that leading firms like Gartner and Forrester have identified BetterCloud as one of the leaders in the SMP market. Today, we’re excited to announce that BetterCloud has been named the Leader in G2’s SaaS operations management grid for Fall 2021.

Let’s take a closer look at some of G2’s findings and how they further validate BetterCloud’s standing as the leader in SaaS management.

Wait, what is a G2 quarterly grid report?

In a recent conversation with my wife, I explained that G2 is a “Glassdoor for people in charge of purchasing technology.” Businesses rely on G2 for unbiased reviews of the products and services they’re considering; for its quarterly grid reports, G2 aggregates reviews from its community to determine which products have the most satisfied customers and largest presence in its market.

In other words, our customers have spoken—and they believe BetterCloud is the leader in the SaaS operations management category.

This is obviously something we’re very proud of, especially since this grid ranking is based on the number and quality of the reviews that we received from G2’s users. But why does G2’s community believe that BetterCloud is the leading SaaS operations management platform? Let’s take a closer look.

Why BetterCloud is G2’s leading SaaS operations management platform

BetterCloud ranked very highly across several G2 reports on the SaaS operations management market. The chart below shows a more in-depth breakdown of how G2’s community rated us in a variety of areas.

This is a lot to digest, so let’s unpack some of the terms in this chart:

  • BetterCloud ranks first in G2’s SaaS operations management Relationship index, which indicates that our customers really like doing business with us
  • BetterCloud is also a Top 3 vendor in G2’s SaaS operations management Implementation and Usability indexes.

These ratings are humbling for several reasons. First, BetterCloud has invested a ton of resources to make the platform equal parts powerful and secure. We know that to get transformative value from a large SaaS portfolio, our customers need the right tools—and we’re honored that G2’s community has affirmed the work we’ve done in this area. 

In the past, our users have validated our belief in a SaaSOps mentality. This report from G2 is an overwhelming confirmation of the direction of the product by our customers. 

Beyond that, everyone at BetterCloud is (borderline) obsessed with making this a great company to do business with. The folks in sales are BetterCloud (and SaaS) experts who are passionate about finding the right solution for each customer. Additionally, we take a lot of pride in our world-class customer support function, which 94% of reviewers affirmed the quality of in G2’s Relationship index.

We’re equally proud of our rating on G2’s Implementation index. At BetterCloud, we have a dedicated (and growing) team of, well, implementation specialists that consistently makes seemingly complicated rollouts of BetterCloud a breeze for our customers. Our customer success pros are also product experts who provide best-in-class support on a daily basis. Don’t have time to chat with one of our implementation specialists or your customer success rep? We built a huge library of resources that are available to customers on demand.

This entire section is full of statements that everyone internally has believed for quite a while—and now they’ve been confirmed by the G2 community at large.

How BetterCloud stacks up in other G2 grid reports

BetterCloud also ranked highly in G2’s market reports on User Provisioning & Governance, Data Security, and Data Loss Prevention. You’ll see how we stacked up in those reports below.

SaaS operations management is our bread and butter, but we’re thrilled that G2’s community also rated BetterCloud highly in the categories below:

  • G2 named BetterCloud a Leader in two categories: User Provisioning & Governance and Data Security
  • BetterCloud is a Top 3 provider in User Provisioning & Governance, Data Loss Prevention, and Data Security

What’s next?

It’s time to kick back and enjoy the fruits of our labor, right? Of course not.

While we’re humbled by our ranking in G2’s latest grid report on SaaS operations management, we’re also acutely aware of the fact that it’s a quarterly report. Everyone at BetterCloud knows that we need to earn our customers’ trust by constantly improving the product and customer experience—and we’re excited to dive in. 

Want to learn more about what makes BetterCloud G2’s leader in SaaS operations management? Click here to schedule a demo