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Cloud IT Live: The Definitive Online Event for IT Professionals Dissatisfied with the Status Quo


June 13, 2016

4 minute read

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Almost every company has two types of employees. The ones who scratch the surface but drill no deeper, doing the bare minimum. And then there are innovators who push boundaries. The passionate ones who thrive by moving forward, actively seeking out change, not waiting for change to come to them.

The same goes for IT. There are those who sit back, solving problems as they arise. Then there are the others that are dissatisfied with the status quo. The IT professionals starving to know what’s new, what’s next, and how to implement it. Unfortunately, these types of people are often met with resistance.

Still, through tenacity and persuasion, cutting-edge IT professionals find ways to see their ideas take shape through innovative approaches and new technologies.

We wanted to give these types of IT professionals–the trailblazers–a way to share new ideas and technologies.

On June 28-29, the BetterCloud Monitor will host an unprecedented two-day online event tailored to IT professionals that want to push the envelope. The event, Cloud IT Live, features nine automation-focused sessions delivered by an all-star lineup of speakers.

We decided to do things a bit differently to start off the event. Our opening keynote will be a talk from MIT professor and automation expert Dr. David Autor. David will discuss how automation has–and will continue to–alter the careers and lives of every person on the planet.


David-AutorDr. David Autor, MIT Economist, Ph.D, Harvard University

Why, despite two centuries of rapid automation, are there still so many jobs left in the world–and in rich countries in particular? Dr. David Autor, acclaimed MIT economist, researcher, and popular speaker will explore the history and future of workplace automation in this hour-long online event. David, who was most recently featured on the Freakonomics podcast and NPR, offers an optimistic and non-apocalyptic argument for why automation and artificial intelligence, far from making us irrelevant, will make our working and leisure lives more interesting, productive, and ultimately prosperous.

Register for the keynote on 6/28 at 11:00 AM.

But that’s just the start, we have a full house of engaging expert speakers including:

Brandon Williams, Director of Google Operations, State of Colorado

Alex Vorobiev, Head of Platform, Smartsheet

Will Ackerly, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Virtru

James Ferreira, Managing Partner & Google Developer Expert, Ignite Synergy

Nate Collum, Sr. Product Manager, BetterCloud

Kevin Liu, Cloud Deployment Specialist, Avalon Solutions

Mat Hamlin, Director of Products, Spanning by EMC

Colin McCarthy, Associate IT Director, North America, Essence

Justine Bienkowski, IT Manager, Buzzfeed

Dave Kaminsky, Customer Success Manager, Qumulo, Inc.

Tim Burke, Director of IT, BetterCloud

We’d like to thank our Cloud IT Live sponsors; without their support, this event would not be possible.