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Meet BetterCloud’s New Chief Marketing Officer, Erin Avery


January 19, 2023

3 minute read


Our new CMO Erin Avery brings over 15 years of experience and a proven record of developing and executing successful go-to-market strategies to her role. Having spent over 80% of her career marketing and selling solutions that meet the evolving priorities of the CIO and IT organization, Erin is the perfect addition to BetterCloud. We can’t wait to see how her strategies and expertise will drive and fuel our next phase of growth.

Erin holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, with a concentration in Human Resources, from The Pennsylvania State University.

What drew you to BetterCloud?

The people and culture at BetterCloud are elite and exceptional. They are a curious and cohesive group, with a culture of transparency, focus, and action. Their commitment to and track record of creating value for customers as the market, economy, and business reliance on SaaS has evolved, since the inception of the company, is foundational to the growth of the business going forward. 

Why do you think this is a critical time for IT to adopt a SaaS management platform (SMP)?

Modern organizations now depend on an average of 130 SaaS apps, and accurate employee access is critical to business productivity. Without proper user lifecycle management and security controls in place, SaaS sprawl introduces inefficiency and creates vulnerabilities that inhibit business productivity and expose unnecessary risk. 

In the best of times, manual, script-based user lifecycle and SaaS management is unproductive. In the current, challenging economic environment, IT teams are being pushed to operate with fewer resources. In many cases, teams are moving from a ratio of one IT team member supporting 100 employees to 1:150 or even 1:200, while still managing day-to-day operations, overseeing data security, and enabling ongoing digital transformation. With this reality, having accurate, automated employee-SaaS application access is crucial to employee productivity, business continuity, and excellent security posture.

That’s why a solution like BetterCloud is so important. It serves as a critical force multiplier for IT — providing a centralized, zero-touch approach to automate, govern, and secure SaaS applications and employee access. Not only does it help IT maintain business priority focus, an SMP can truly transform the way IT enables a business. 

What are you most excited about in your new role?

I most enjoy working in evolving market segments and product categories that fulfill a critical business need with an innovative approach. At BetterCloud, we are already the market leader in SaaS management platforms. Our strong product vision and execution-focused team give us a great opportunity to lead the category from a nascent state to one that is fully defined and well understood in the marketplace. BetterCloud is well-positioned to guide IT organizations along the path to creating an operationally effective and secure approach to enabling business with zero-touch SaaS operations. 

From a marketing perspective, what are the biggest challenges ahead of you, and what’s the biggest opportunity?

Macroeconomic conditions today create a lot of uncertainty. This means the purchasing process is scrutinized more carefully by more people in different roles.

However, this gives marketers a great opportunity to become remarkably clear in articulating our value proposition. We can connect buyer pain with the reality of being able to actually solve their challenges with an innovative approach that might not have been considered before.

With more CFOs and other financial leaders engaged in the buyer and customer journey, it also gives savvy marketers the opportunity to speak directly to them in ways they may not have considered before. CFOs are business people who can become champions for your solution once you connect the value of your offering to the goals of the business. This gives growth-minded and curious marketers a really interesting challenge, as well as the opportunity, to take an innovative and new approach to engaging the buying committee with a sharp value proposition.

Can you share your leadership philosophy with us?

Great leaders see the best in others, support their development, and find complement in differences. I find curiosity is the key to unlocking greatness in others, which always unlocks individual, team, and business growth. The simple question, “What’s the best thing that can happen?” is a great way to empower diverse teams and open infinite possibilities. 

If you could go back in time and give yourself advice at the start of your career, what would you tell yourself?

Talk less, listen more. We were given one mouth and two ears for a reason.

You can read our press release announcement here.