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Product Tip Tuesday: 3 Ways You Can Extend BetterCloud's Power to New Applications


August 20, 2019

2 minute read

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When we released the ability to extend BetterCloud to any SaaS application earlier this year, we built a list of basic use cases to get customers started—things like creating or deleting a user, or sending BetterCloud’s logs to another application.

The vision for this release, however, was that the best use cases would be generated by BetterCloud customers looking to customize the platform in order to solve their unique business challenges.


Fast forward a few months, and that vision has been fulfilled. We’ve had customers connect BetterCloud to their warehousing system, HRIS, EMM platforms, and more. Our customers have created some innovative actions that we think could (and should) be implemented by even more of our customers.

Here are three of the most popular ways customers have extended BetterCloud to solve common use cases in other SaaS applications:

1. Disable a user in Zoom and transfer their meetings

We’ve all experienced the ghost of employees past blocking off our conference rooms with their now-defunct meetings. Using BetterCloud, you can build an action that automatically disables a user in Zoom and transfers their meetings to their manager when the user is offboarded. This action also helps with business continuity. For example, if a sales rep leaves the organization, their manager can see all the upcoming meetings they had scheduled and re-route them to another rep.

2. Send a lock command to all of a user’s devices in Jamf

When it comes to offboarding, there’s a lot our customers can already do across SaaS applications, but now you can also extend your offboarding workflow to devices. For example, to further secure a user’s laptop, you can create an action in BetterCloud that will automatically send a lock command to that device and all of a user’s Jamf-managed devices when they are offboarded.

3. Enroll a user in Duo on their first day

Many companies want to ensure that a user is properly trained on corporate security policies and enrolled in multi-factor authentication before giving them access to all of their corporate applications and data. In BetterCloud, you can now create an action that will enroll a user in Duo. This action is used as part of the onboarding process. Once a new employee is properly trained, you can move them into a new MFA-enabled OU, which will automatically enroll the user in Duo and take the rest of the steps needed to provision that user across SaaS applications.