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What is SaaSOps?

SaaSOps noun

a practice referring to how software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications are discovered, managed, and secured through centralized and automated operations (Ops), resulting in reduced friction, improved collaboration, and better employee experience

Your SaaS environment will only get more complex.


Everyone wants to use SaaS to transform their workplace…


But this is the reality.


SaaSOps unlocks the promise of SaaS

It’s a new set of processes, skills, and responsibilities for IT

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Application Insights
SaaSOps professionals need the visibility to know which apps are being used by employees and how those apps are being used. This visibility can help transform the employee experience by removing access to risky apps and consolidating redundant apps for better team collaboration and improved spend optimization.
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SaaS Management
Automation is a primary lever SaaSOps professionals can use to deliver real impact. They need a robust, no-code automation platform optimized for SaaS that can provide ‘zero-touch’ automation for user lifecycle management and other common IT tasks. The benefit is maximized operational efficiency with faster help desk ticket resolution and the elimination of manual IT work, allowing for greater focus on more strategic projects.
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Data Protection
SaaSOps professionals are responsible for securing company SaaS data and maintaining regulatory compliance. They need a solution that can simplify risk identification, monitor for data oversharing, and automate threat remediation. And they need to do all of this in a least privilege access model that supports unified roles & permissions.

"In SaaSOps I see the ability to automate tasks I've done manually in the past and apply a fix that will work going forward."

Andy O'Rourke, IT Automation Specialist at Khoros

"I immediately updated my LinkedIn info to include SaaSOps IT professional because that's what I am."

Dennisse DeJesus, SaaS Ops - IT Support at General Assembly

"SaaSOps is where I'm realigning my career goals."

Jay Feliciano, SaaSOps - Engineer II at Spotify

"SaaSOps helps to demonstrate that we're not just a cost center, but that we bring value to the company."

Randy Tanenhaus, SaaSOps and IT Manager at ClassPass

"Information technology has evolved and so have my responsibilities. SaaSOps defines this evolution."

Chloe Becquet, SaaSOps/IT Director at BounceX

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