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This month’s Product Roundup is all about making it easier to automate your daily User Lifecycle Management operations with new ways to build sophisticated Workflows. With the release of Dynamic Workflows, users can build out more advanced onboarding and offboarding use cases into a single Workflow, have an easier time managing Workflows with new UI improvements to make your experience more intuitive, add additional “if” operators for even more Workflow flexibility, and extend your tech stack you can manage in BetterCloud with over a dozen new and updated integrations. 

Dynamic Workflows

With Dynamic Workflows, several of your existing Workflows can be combined into a single Workflow that can be configured to automate onboarding, offboarding, or additional use cases using advanced logic and dynamic decisioning.

To kick off a new Dynamic Workflow, customers can use our new If/ Else Branching feature that gives IT teams the flexibility to design Workflows leveraging these dynamic logic and conditions. By combining your work into fewer Workflows, it’s now easier than ever to manage and update your automated Workflows, and reduces the likelihood for errors that could come with managing dozens of Workflows at the same time.

Workflow Builder

Workflow summary

To accompany our new release of Dynamic Workflows, we’ve also added a Workflow Summary to make it more intuitive to see each Workflow you’ve built. The Workflow Summary houses nested sections within a single Workflow, each containing its own IF conditions and THEN actions, resulting in an easier to use and manage Workflow experience.

DynamicWorkflows If Else Branching

“If” condition operators

Users also now have the flexibility to use additional operators when creating and fine tuning their Workflows within BetterCloud. In addition to the “is” and “is not” operators, users now have access to the following options on some conditions:

  • Ends with
  • Starts with
  • Contains
  • Does not contain

Please note, these new conditionals are currently only available on Google Cost Center, Workday Cost Center, Workday Email, and new Extended Triggers.

IF conditions

New integrations

We’ve released 10 new Actions Only integrations to help you scale your user lifecycle management operations across your organization in a more automated and easier way. 

  • Adobe Enterprise –  Provision users and manage user information as part of User Lifecycle Management with Adobe.
  • Airtable –  Provision and deprovision users as part of User Lifecycle Management with AirTable, including creating and deactivating a user and updating user attributes.
  • Auth0 –  Provision users and manage their roles as part of User Lifecycle Management with Auth0.
  • ClickTime –  Provision users and manage their profiles as part of User Lifecycle Management with ClickTime.
  • Expensify – Invite and remove users from workspaces as part of User Lifecycle Management with Expensify.
  • Front – Provision users and manage their access as part of User Lifecycle Management with Front.
  • HubSpot – Provision users and manage their profiles as part of User Lifecycle Management with HubSpot.
  • Kandji – Manage user devices as part of User Lifecycle Management with Kandjii.
  • Microsoft InTune – Provision users and manage a user’s device as part of User Lifecycle Management with Microsoft InTune.
  • Ramp  – Provision users and manage their cards as part of their User Lifecycle Management with Ramp.

Enhanced integrations

We’ve also made enhancements to existing user lifecycle management and IT operations integrations including:

  • Freshdesk – Users can create a custom ticket type, instead of creating a default ticket as previously designed.
  • JIRA SD – Manage, comment, watch, and assign issues within JIRA Service Desk.
  • Monday – Provision users and manage their profiles as part of their User Lifecycle Management with and Enterprise. 
  • SmartSheet – Deprovision a user and transfer ownership of a SmartSheet
  • Snowflake – Provision users and manager their roles as part of their User Lifecycle Management with Snowflake

Coming soon

While we’re excited with all the momentum that has been happening here at BetterCloud over the last few weeks with Dynamic Workflows, we wanted to give everyone a sneak peek into what’s coming next. 

Custom attributes

Gain greater customization and flexibility within your Workflows by bringing in user-based custom attributes that can be set up in your Google, Okta, and BambooHR integrations.  Once set up, these ingested attributes can then be used in your new Workflows as If Conditions to provide the granularity you need to save time and make your life easier.

Dynamic Workflows enhancements: Cross-Block Referencing

Ideal for creating and managing sophisticated onboarding workflows, Cross-Block Referencing makes it even easier to consolidate your Workflows into a singular Workflow with the ability for users to reference across their blocks and sections. Target the output of an action in a separate block, eliminating the need to create multiple Workflows for the same actions across multiple groups of users.

Cross Block Referencing

Slack Enterprise Grid full integration

Customers will soon be able to fully integrate Slack Enterprise Grid into their BetterCloud User Lifecycle Management processes.