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What Does BetterCloud Actually Do? 10 GIFs You Need to See.


July 31, 2017

7 minute read

thenewbettercloud ftr1

BetterCloud has undergone a transformation. With 50+ new releases in the first half of 2017, including 6 brand-new connectors, the new BetterCloud platform is redefining SaaS application management and security.

We’ve completely redesigned our user interface to make it easier to use. We reconstructed our application architecture to ensure greater security and bring enhancements to our customers faster. And most importantly, we continue to introduce powerful new functionality that eliminates old operational burdens and helps solve emerging (and increasing) SaaS application management and security challenges.

Many of our customers are considered the most innovative organizations in the world.

Companies Using the New BetterCloud Platform

We knew we needed to take an equally innovative approach to meet their needs. New problems require new solutions. As a result, BetterCloud no longer fits into traditional categories. There’s no Gartner Magic Quadrant for BetterCloud because what we’ve built was created specifically for our customers rather than to fit in a category.

Category or not, the value is there.

BetterCloud now manages and secures five billion data objects (files, users, groups, etc.) for more than 3,000 companies. Since December, our customers have built over 80,000 BetterCloud Workflows, automated 600,000 administrative and security actions, and saved an estimated 25,000 hours.

Here are 10 ways customers are using the new BetterCloud to manage and secure their SaaS applications:

1. Configure custom Alerts to monitor and govern SaaS environments.

Alerts shouldn’t just create noise. They should inspire action. With BetterCloud, Alerts use scoping and thresholds to reduce alert fatigue. Additionally, SMS, email, and webhooks give admins the ability to direct Alerts to the right people, through the right channels, at the right time.

Email Forward to Gmail

Admins can actively monitor SaaS applications and notify the right people when unusual or unwanted behavior is identified. Scoping and thresholds help fight alert fatigue and weed through unwanted notifications.

2. Auto-enforce security policies across apps.

Insider threats (like when an employee forwards hundreds of emails to a personal account) should be identified and halted. When security incidents like these occur, IT can pre-configure an automated response to act without any manual action whatsoever.

Email Forwarding Workflow

By combining Workflows and Alerts, admins can create security policies that carry to identify suspicious behavior and take a series of actions in near real-time.

3. Connect and manage all your SaaS apps for better visibility and control.

Companies need a holistic view of all users, apps, data, settings, permissions, and more. SaaS management and security requires data centralization across apps. BetterCloud ingests data from SaaS apps via APIs. This root access to data gives IT unprecedented insight into the user behavior and data vulnerabilities, as well as powerful administrative functionality. As a result, there are complex multi-SaaS reports and actions available in BetterCloud that are impossible in other IT systems, including the native admin consoles themselves.

BetterCloud Connectors

With BetterCloud, our customers manage and secure up to seven SaaS applications. More connectors are coming soon.

4. Automate tasks and orchestrate onboarding and offboarding.

The world’s best IT teams automate routine work and focus on strategic projects. Workflows helps IT orchestrate single app or multi-SaaS onboarding and offboarding, saving time and streamlining vital administrative tasks. Ryan Donnon, IT and data manager at First Round Capital, uses BetterCloud to complete 90% of his offboarding process in just 30 seconds. Additionally, admins can use Workflows to automatically initiate file transfers, set calendar and email settings, configure roles and permissions, and simplify groups management.

BetterCloud Offboarding Workflow

During onboarding, Workflows lets employees get to work faster by providing access to the right data and apps. During offboarding, Workflows enhances security by revoking access to in seconds and handles tasks like setting autoresponders and transferring ownership of data.

5. Auto-generate detailed audit logs of every administrative action taken in BetterCloud.

Administrative actions are often distributed across native admin consoles, which makes it impossible to produce clean audit logs. Today, audit logs are absolutely essential to proving compliance. And now, with more laws and regulations than ever, compliance with at least one standard or law is necessary to even operate. Additionally, audit logs help identify errors when performing critical tasks. Detailed and searchable audit logs ensure vital actions, such as revoking application access or resetting passwords, are completed without mistakes.

Audit Log

BetterCloud produces clean, easy-to-review audit logs for every action administrative action taken in the platform, whether it’s manually or via automation.

6. Search across apps to locate at-risk files, transfer ownership, change sharing settings, and more.

SaaS applications of all types are quickly becoming cloud storage apps. Due to increased collaboration, data spreads from app to app with little oversight. A file created in Google Drive can easily end up in servers used by Slack, Dropbox, and Atlassian in minutes. Companies need a central repository to view and update files sharing settings. Viewing employee sharing habits, tracking down files across apps, and taking action to streamline operations and mitigate risks are vital functions for the modern day admin.

Data Management Action Engine

Search, sort, and filter through data to find files and take actions to eliminate security risks and handle time-consuming helpdesk tasks in seconds.

7. Use Role-Based Privileges to grant admin rights and create permission sets for individuals or teams.

BetterCloud admins don’t necessarily need full admin access to applications to perform administrative actions. With Role-Based Privileges, companies can finely tune who can create, edit, delete, or view information across apps. This enables IT to extend specific functionality, without fear, to low-level IT employees, HR, and other individuals. With BetterCloud, IT can enforce a least-privilege access security model across multiple SaaS apps, restricting admin access and functionality to what’s absolutely needed and nothing more. Finally, instead of fielding tickets for tasks others can do themselves, IT can put the tools in the hands of the people that need them most — all while maintaining compliance and peace of mind.

Privileged Access Roles

With Role-Based Privileges, custom roles give individuals or groups the ability to create, edit, delete, or view information across one or multiple apps.

8. View individual and department information and take action on memberships, files, and settings with User and Group 360.

User and Group 360 are a helpdesk technicians best friend. With BetterCloud, admins can view summary information and update memberships, files, and settings across apps. From the flyout, dozens of administrative and security-related actions are only a click away.

User 360 BetterCloud

User 360 compiles employee information across apps, such as memberships, files, and other settings. Admins can take actions straight from the User 360 flyout tab. This functionality extends to groups as well.

9. Automate governance to ensure a healthy, up-to-date SaaS environment.

Policies aren’t always for security. They’re used to ensure SaaS environments remain up-to-date and organized. If inaccurate, even basic information such as job titles, managers, last names, and more can have a ripple effect that inhibits productivity and creates security risks throughout an organization.

Group Membership Policy

Instead of fixing employee mistakes or issues after they happen, proactively prevent them from occurring altogether by creating automated management policies.

10. Reduce training demands by giving admins one platform to work in.

To perform simple tasks, such as creating a user in an application, admins must have knowledge (and access) to a growing number of admin consoles. Consolidating these admin consoles into a single dashboard saves time when training and working. IT no longer needs to jump from one tab to the next to take similar actions in separate consoles.

User Grid Action Engine

BetterCloud offers admin functionality for multiple SaaS apps in a single, easy-to-learn user interface. This saves time, ensures consistency, and reduces training times for new admins.

What will you do with the new BetterCloud?

If you’re a customer, join BetterCloud CEO and Founder David Politis for an exclusive webinar on Aug. 15th to see how you can get 10x value out of the new BetterCloud platform. You’ll also get a sneak peek at what’s coming next on the BetterCloud roadmap.

For those interested in becoming a BetterCloud customer, sign up for a personalized demo with one of our product experts. And for those that just want to talk IT, join our community of more than 1,400 IT professionals: BetterIT.