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10 Ways to Empower Your Help Desk with FlashPanel and Zendesk


April 29, 2014

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It’s no secret we’re huge Zendesk advocates–our support team relies on the platform to host our knowledge base and offer exceptional customer support to BetterCloud users. What you might not know is that BetterCloud is the perfect complement to Zendesk, empowering help desk agents to manage (Zendesk) and solve (BetterCloud) the tickets they receive, and offer 360 degrees of support.

And in anticipation of this week’s Zen U training event in Atlanta, GA (where our engineering team is based), here’s a top 10 list of how you can use BetterCloud to tackle some of the most common support requests.

1. Manage your domain through a customizable help desk dashboard and gain access to the insights and information critical for internal support.

2. Easily create new users (and ditch the paper checklist) by following a comprehensive onboarding workflow.

3. Configure users’ inboxes by applying Gmail settings, like filters and labels, in bulk.

4. Schedule password resets every 3, 6, or 12 months, or trigger a one-off reset when a user forgets his or her password.

5. Quickly delegate into a user’s inbox without resetting his or her password.

6. Monitor users’ combined Gmail and Drive storage with usage graphs on the BetterCloud dashboard.

7. Adjust group settings in bulk using a templated spreadsheet.

8. Manage users’ calendar sharing settings, allowing them to view colleagues calendars and book calendar resources.

9. Allow users to self-edit their profiles and empower them to update basic contact information in case of a phone number or address change.

10. Utilize the deprovisioning workflow to thoroughly transfer all of a departing user’s assets before deleting the account.