Generate canned or custom reports about your domain’s Google Drive adoption, usage, and security, and report on high-level metrics that can help your organization pinpoint information such as inappropriately shared documents, large documents taking up your domain’s storage quota, or users who are slow to adopt Drive and not creating many docs.

  • Run canned reports on documents exposed publicly or externally, recently updated, larger than 10MB, and more
  • Build reports based on Drive or Drive policies, choosing from over 30 parameters
  • Save custom-built reports to run again and again
  • Access reports within Google Spreadsheets and use filters and formulas to further modify data


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I view Drive quota usage for all users?

Yes. To check if a user is reaching their 30 GB combined Gmail and Drive storage limit, navigate to Reports > Quota Report.

How do I view all documents that are exposed publicly on my domain?

Navigate to Reports > Canned Reports > Docs Exposed Publicly Report. Click to run the report and view the list of all publicly shared documents, as well as the title and owner of the document. To correct sharing of these documents, navigate to Google Apps > Drive Explorer.

UP NEXT: Groups Reporting

How-To: Canned Reports

BetterCloud makes my day to day life a lot easier...going forward as we are implementing Google Drive organization-wide, I expect to get even more use out of it.

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