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SaaSOps Leaders Episode 16, Featuring Jon Hyman


February 9, 2022

2 minute read

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SaaSOps Leaders with David Politis is a podcast for CIOs and aspiring IT leaders that explores the evolving landscape of SaaS and SaaS management. In the time since we launched the podcast last year, BetterCloud’s CEO David Politis has talked with a diverse group of influential IT executives about how they grew their careers, how SaaS applications have transformed their organizations, and what it all means for the future.

This week, David is joined by Jon Hyman, Co-founder and CTO at Braze. Listen to the full episode for insights on how IT can be a true business partner and  strategies that you can use to grow your career.

Episode summary

In this week’s episode, BetterCloud’s CEO David Politis and Braze’s Co-founder and CTO Jon Hyman discuss:

  • The journey that led Jon to become Braze’s Co-founder and CTO (1:15)
  • How IT can ensure that it’s aligned with stakeholders across the company (8:06)
  • The challenge of selecting the right technologies for your organization (17:55)
  • Why Jon is excited about the future of digital whiteboarding tools over the next 10 years (29:32)

Episode soundbites

“Ultimately, IT is a service organization. We need to think about how we can power the needs of the business and build great technology that enables it to be successful.” -Jon Hyman, Co-founder and CTO at Braze

“If we can improve [our employees’] productivity by a small percentage, it’s worth the cost. An extra 2% productivity because someone has a specific application on their laptop, it’s a no-brainer.” -Jon Hyman, Co-founder and CTO at Braze

“[It’s really important] to ensure that you’re always listening to your consumers and users and building great relationships with them. You also need to be able to talk credibly about what their needs are, because they’ll give you great and honest feedback.” -Jon Hyman on what he’d tell himself when he began his career

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