The Voice typing tool in Google Docs is new and improved.

For six months, you’ve been able to type with your voice, but today you are able to use a long list of commands to do a whole lot more.

Some of the new commands include adding tables, moving around to different lines of your document, and even formatting your text to align right.

To start typing your document with your voice, watch the short video above and follow the steps below.

  • To turn on Voice typing, go to Tools, and then select Voice typing.
  • Next, click on the microphone that appears to the left of your document. When you click it, it will turn red and will begin recording.

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.


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One thought on “You Can Now Use Your Voice to Format and Edit Your Google Docs

  1. John Reply

    I love this feature! Good going Google your always impressing me with the new applications and abilities. I have been working with Google sheets and docs for many years.

    Keep up the GREAT Work!

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