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How to Use Outlook Sniffer

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Outlook Yellow

Sniffer might be a funny name, but it’s a useful feature in Outlook. It automatically processes certain kinds of email messages like meeting requests and polls, and it can save you lots of time.

If you’re taking a poll, you can tally up the votes yourself, but why not let Sniffer automatically process the responses for you? For example, if you send out a poll that includes voting buttons, it might look like this:
Outlook Sniffer 1

If you enable Sniffer, it will automatically tally up the replies for you:

Outlook Sniffer 2

To enable Sniffer:

  • Head to the File menu > Options.
  • From here, head to the Mail options, and then scroll down until you find the Tracking section.
  • This is where you will see the option “Automatically process meeting requests and responses to meeting requests and polls.” If this is checked, Sniffer will automatically do its job for you. If you uncheck this box, you will have to manually track this kind of information instead, which is a much more time-consuming process.

Automatically process Sniffer

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