Although we don’t print that much here at the Monitor, we know that a lot of Google Apps users do. Unfortunately, the only way to print in Gmail is to open a single email and open a printable version.

This can be particularly annoying when you are trying to print multiple emails at a time. The best way we have found to print a series of emails is by using a free app from the Chrome Web Store. Gmail Print All for Chrome is a really easy to use app that allows you to print multiple documents at a time by assigning them a label.

Learn how to print an individual email, as well as a series of emails, in this quick video!

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.


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10 thoughts on “How to Print Emails in Bulk in Gmail

  1. Julio Reply

    This app is great for simple letter format email bulk printing. however, it loses the email format (charts, graphs, etc.) which can get very annoying. 1 email that usually prints 1 page (under its own SHEET format), printed 6 pages using this app. once this is fixed, I’ll use it.

  2. Heather Reply

    Great idea – but I am unable to locate this app. The link above is no longer functioning and I was not able to find the app via searching the Chrome Web Store.

    • Google Gooru Post authorReply


      Unfortunately the application mentioned in this video is no longer available. I edited the post to reflect the change.

      Thank you for the update!

      • Chazz Tel Reply

        Just so you know, using Google Cloud Printer will NOT work.

  3. Vic Demise Reply

    Thank you!!
    I spent last night trying to get this app (Gmail Print All for Chrome) to work, to no avail, but your video was clear- I followed the steps and BINGO!
    There were no good instructions I could find, but you made it all clear, and you saved the day!
    Nice work.

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