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How to Attach an Email in Outlook for Mac

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Attaching an email to another email is a helpful task to know in Outlook for Mac. Referencing another email becomes a lot easier when it’s sent as an attachment and you don’t have to scour your inbox to find it. Watch the video above and follow the steps below to learn more.

When you are drafting your email and want to attach another email:

  1. Drag your email message window to the side so that you can view the messages in your inbox.
  2. Locate the email you want to to attach in your inbox, or in another folder.
  3. Click the email you want to attach and hold down your mouse.
  4. Drag and drop the email into the body of your email draft.
  5. Your email should load into the email message window as an attachment. You will see it below the subject line of your email message. To confirm it attached correctly, you can double click the attachment.

See this article on how to attach an email to another email in Outlook on a PC and on the Outlook Web App.

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