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Google Apps Deployment Phase 4: Go-Live Support

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If the sufficient time and effort has been put into the discovery and change management activities, the go-live & support phase can be the easiest of them all. However as we all know in technology there is almost always needed support during a transition and unexpected issues that can potentially arise.

This is why it is important to have not only a go-live checklist but also a support plan in place at time of go-live.

Go-Live Checklist

A running go live checklist that is created at the start of the discovery and planning phase can be extremely valuable at the point of cut-over. Especially in deployments that take several months to complete and those that may have several go-lives. A go-live checklist allows you and your staff to document potential issues or simply note reminders for reference when it comes time to cut-over.

Common examples of what you may want to check before performing the cut-over:

  • Recently added employees have been added as Google users
  • Passwords and login procedures have been distributed
  • Force Password Change has been turned on
  • TTL has been set to lowest possible value

Support Plan

With the potential and the likelihood of end user requests after a migration to a platform, it is important to have a support plan in place that has been clearly communicated to the end users so they are aware of how engage your team.

Ideally you will want to have several methods of providing support, both proactively and reactively. Common approaches to executing a comprehensive support plan include the following:

  • Onsite roaming Go-Live support team
  • Google Apps specific support email / ticketing system
  • War room support team available for days immediately following go live
  • Webinar follow up series
  • Google Apps resources like the BetterCloud Monitor

Ensuring that you have created a go-live checklist and your end users have support during Google Apps deployment is crucial to help minimize disruption in their daily activities. Having comprehensive discovery and change management phases will help you create a checklist and support plan.

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