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IT Exec Disconnect: New Data Suggests IT Executives and Their Teams Are Out of Sync

By BetterCloud | October 25, 2016

Trends in Cloud IT is back, and we’re excited to share our second major installment of this year’s series. Our last survey revealed the meteoric rise of SaaS applications, and now, we’re analyzing the relationships between IT executives and their staff.

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We Let 300 IT Professionals Ask Our Cloud Security Expert Any Question They Wanted, These Were the Best

By BetterCloud | October 21, 2016

Here’s what members of our new Slack community, BetterIT, asked during our first-ever security AMA. BetterIT is a community for leading IT professionals to share ideas, discuss best practices, and talk about the solutions they use every day.

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And the Winner of Our 100th Daily Monitor Contest Is…

By BetterCloud | October 18, 2016

And the winner of the HTC Vive is…

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100th Daily Monitor Contest: Hundreds Wrote In, But These Are The 7 Best Responses

By BetterCloud | October 12, 2016

In honor of our 100th edition of the Daily Monitor newsletter, we asked our readers to tell us how they’ve used BetterCloud Monitor content in their business. We narrowed the responses down to the best of the best, and now you can vote for your favorite one. The winner will get an HTC Vive VR headset (and bragging rights).

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100 Days In: Stats Behind the IT Industry’s Largest Daily Newsletter

By BetterCloud | October 10, 2016

Huzzah! Welcome to the 100th edition of the Daily Monitor newsletter. We’re celebrating by taking a look at the past 100 days AND offering one lucky reader an HTC Vive VR headset.

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The Partner Perspective: When Change is On the Horizon, What Do You Do?

By BetterCloud | October 6, 2016

Change management is never easy. But when you’re the only one who knows about the impending change, how do you handle it?

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Trends in Cloud IT: G Suite vs. Office 365 and the Meteoric Rise of SaaS Applications

By BetterCloud | October 5, 2016

Trends in Cloud IT visualizes the explosive growth of SaaS applications through the lens of nearly 1,000 G Suite and Office 365 IT professionals. Our goal is simple: We want to understand how technology is changing the way we work, and more importantly, how this transformation affects IT.

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Why IT & HR Should Fix Their Marriage of Inconvenience

By BetterCloud | September 29, 2016

HR and IT are partners in waiting, but they need a little marriage guidance. If there isn’t a close partnership, the potential costs can be perilous.

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New Release Makes BetterCloud Workflows Even More Powerful

By BetterCloud | September 19, 2016

Today, we are announcing our third major Workflows release, creating an even more powerful automation tool that saves time while improving accuracy, precision, and compliance.

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The Democratization of IT

By BetterCloud | September 14, 2016

The IT Department is dead. Long live the IT Department.

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The Partner Perspective: 3 Technologies Every IT Pro Should Follow Closely

By BetterCloud | September 6, 2016

IT professionals must constantly stay up to date with the latest innovations in tech. But which three emerging technologies are most important? Which are most relevant today?

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Onboarding Isn’t Just Provisioning: Are You Leaving Out This Vital Step?

By BetterCloud | August 31, 2016

So you’ve provisioned your new user in Google Apps, set him up with a shiny new account, and added him to the right groups and OU. Think your onboarding job is done? Not so fast. To really set up your users for success, there’s one more step you should take.

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