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3 Gmail Tips You Should Forward to Your Parents

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As a Google expert, you can bet I get a lot of requests from family members for help with their Gmail accounts. I doubt I am the only one who becomes a one-man Google Support team when I visit relatives over the holidays. In order to save you some time and frustration I created a quick list of common Gmail questions I see friends and relatives asking to their more tech savvy counterparts.

Send this along to that special someone in your life who needs the Gmail help so you can spend your holidays enjoying family time away from the computer. From composing an email to changing their sender name, these three Gmail ‘how-to’s are sure to put them on the right track.

1. How to Compose an Email in Gmail

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The primary function of Gmail is sending and receiving emails. If you do not know how to compose a new email, then your communication is limited to incoming messages. This video will walk you through the steps of composing an email in Gmail so you can send emails as well as receive them.

2. How to Change your Sender Name in Gmail

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Most people assume they are locked into their sender name in Gmail. But you don’t have have to be sending emails as ‘DOE john’, you can change it to ‘John Doe’. If you want to get creative with it go ahead and add a little company or personal branding. Mine is ‘Dylan – The Monitor’.

3. How to Add an Attachment to an Email in Gmail

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Google Drive is a great way to share files with other Google users, but if you need to send a file to someone who is not using Google Drive, the best way to do so is by attaching said file to an email. This video shows you the proper way to attach a file to an email you are sending so you can ensure it gets to the intended recipient.

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