The 2016 State of Cloud IT Report

The 2016 State of Cloud IT Report is the culmination of five months of research and data aggregation from many sources (Gartner, PwC, Google, Microsoft, 1,500 IT professionals, etc.). Through data, the report tells the story of the shift to cloud IT, and how it’s affecting workplaces around the world. I’ve already spoken with several industry analysts who’ve said it’s the most comprehensive report on the SaaS ecosystem and market they’ve ever seen.

Work as we know it is transforming.


Today, all businesses are technology enabled, regardless of size, industry, or location. But merely using technology no longer guarantees that you remain competitive. As digital natives flood the global workforce, businesses are met with a decision: resist new norms or provide the latest technology to their employees.

We are in the midst of a technological shift not seen since the launch of Microsoft Office and the invention of the Internet. The world of IT is at a tipping point, and at the center are IT professionals experiencing once-in-a-career shifts in their roles and responsibilities. For years, IT has been mischaracterized as solely an internal support team; if something breaks, IT is there with the fix. In 2016, IT professionals are beginning to offload their routine work to cloud software and service providers, giving them more time to focus on strategic work.

The skills required to be a successful IT professional in the modern, cloud-first workplace are far different than they once were. Cloud IT is coming of age, and it’s going to affect every organization and IT professional in the world, much faster than you think.

– David Politis, Founder & CEO, BetterCloud


7 thoughts on “The 2016 State of Cloud IT Report

  1. Eliz Reply

    Can’t quite figure out how to download the report. Signed up twice, but it just goes to a blog page.

    • Andrew McGonnigle Reply

      Hi Eliz – The report should be sent to your email, let us know if you haven’t received it.

        • Scott Solomon Reply

          Hi Cameron, I just tested it out and it was working on my end – no need to re-enter your email, I’ll send the report your way. Thanks for reading!

  2. Robert Curran Reply

    Hey David, this is a fantastic snapshot of a pretty incredible point in time. Thanks for sharing.

    I wondered what you thought about the implications for information itself, when the environments are becoming increasingly fragmented (slide 19)? For a given project, relevant files might be scattered across Slack, Salesforce, Box, Google Drive, O365… Which creates not only obvious search issues but also productivity and governance. Do you see enterprises recognising that as an inevitable consequence?

    • David Politis Reply

      That’s a great point, Robert, and data sprawl is definitely going to be a challenge for IT going forward. I believe enterprises are viewing it as a consequence of a heterogeneous environment, that’s partly what is slowing down cloud application adoption for many organizations (and driving the fear around shadow IT). IT definitely needs to put security and governance measures in place today to combat data sprawl and I think that is driving this new crop of SaaS management, search, security, compliance, auditing solutions. Thank you for taking the time to read the report.

  3. AVG Support Reply

    Your effort of 5 months is visible.
    Good job.
    These Slides is going to be so useful for my analysis.
    Thanks to the author.

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