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Product Tip Tuesday: Mid-Lifecycle Management for Existing Employees


June 15, 2021

2 minute read

PPT ULMWorkflows FeatureImage

When it comes to IT automation, onboarding and offboarding get all the glory. But what happens when an employee moves to a different department within your organization or relocates to a new city? This is where mid-lifecycle management workflows can streamline a lot of manual work for IT teams.

With BetterCloud’s Workflows, you can increase efficiency by automating tasks (no code required!) such as changing org units, file and environment access, group membership, license provisioning, just to name a few. As we all continue to adjust to ever-changing work environments, it’s more important than ever for IT pros to ensure that networks remain secure and compliant and that license provisioning and group permissions remain up-to-date.

Below is an example of a BetterCloud Workflow using the trigger “Any user’s Org Unit membership changes.”

For organizations returning to the office, mid-lifecycle management workflows have become essential to their IT departments. In addition to provisioning new assets to employees who have switched departments, IT now faces the unique challenge of doing these tasks for employees who relocated to new states permanently—and research shows that a lot of people moved as a result of the pandemic.

Whenever an employee relocates or changes departments, IT is responsible for updating their office access, VPN permissions, and even groups and Slack channels. Mid-lifecycle management workflows not only help your team stay on top of these increasingly common situations, but they also streamline the experience for employees.

To learn more about how BetterCloud can help with your mid-lifecycle management and automation, check out this episode of the SaaSOps Show, hosted by two of BetterCloud’s SaaSOps experts.