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Product Tip Tuesday: Level Up Your G Suite Onboarding With This Workflow Trick


December 17, 2019

2 minute read

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This week we have an onboarding trick for you that allows you to create a G Suite user, edit that user, and assign the user to an OU—all in one automated workflow. Merging these actions into one workflow makes them more powerful. Now when you create a user, Google can be fed a ton of information from the start, which will make ULM easier later. 

You can create a Google user and have that trigger a workflow that will enrich the user’s profile information in Google. Once you create this workflow, you can fill out the department, title, manager, cost center, and domain and run the workflow, thus creating a user, adding them to the proper OU, and editing their profile all in one action. This ensures that all relevant information will be added to the user’s profile at the time of creation. 

This workflow trick enables IT and helpdesk support to take more dynamic onboarding steps based off IF fields and to complete better offboarding by making sure the user’s manager is filled in. Additionally, this workflow will improve the organizational structure of your G Suite instance. 

Follow the screen recording below for steps on how to construct this workflow in your environment. 

Once you have this on-demand G Suite user workflow enabled, you can effectively trigger your separate automated G Suite onboarding workflows when new users are created. In your automated onboarding workflow, your WHEN statement should be “Google: When Any New User is Created” and IF can be Department, Cost Center, Title, or Manager. In the G Suite Admin console, there’s a chance you can “miss the timing” on your BetterCloud workflows that onboard based on your IF condition. By using an on-demand workflow to trigger your automated new user workflows, you can ensure that new users are completely and fully onboarded within BetterCloud.

If you have other questions, reach out to your CSM or chat into BetterCloud support.