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Product Tip Tuesday: Find User by Email


August 10, 2021

< 1 minute read

FindUserByEmail FeatureImage

BetterCloud Workflows have always enabled IT teams to automate repetitive tasks and alert employees to changes in their permissions. But what if you need to alert an employee’s manager about a change in their permissions or confirm that an activity like offboarding was complete?

With the “Find User by Email” functionality, it’s easy to automate emails to a user’s manager. It also broadly expands who can be targeted with workflows in BetterCloud.

The “Find User by Email” feature allows further automation of common use-cases like onboarding, offboarding, and mid-lifecycle management for employees. Previously, IT had to manually alert managers about changes in licensing or permissions after a workflow ran. Now, the whole process (including the email to the manager) can be done automatically.

To learn more about how BetterCloud can help with your workflow automation and user targeting, check out this article in our technical knowledge base, curated by the BetterCloud Support team.