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Product Tip Tuesday: Achieve Zero Touch IT With BetterCloud’s Workday Integration


July 26, 2022

2 minute read

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In last year’s State of SaaSOps Report, 52% of IT pros identified manual onboarding and offboarding tasks as the challenge that would be most crucial to solve. Eliminating these unending tasks can free up a huge amount of time, allowing IT teams to go beyond “ticket taking” and focus on larger initiatives that make a true impact on the business.

BetterCloud’s new Workday integration allows IT teams to automate tasks related to onboarding and offboarding employees including listening for events such as new user creation and status changes to “active” or “inactive” to automatically kick off offboarding workflows. The integration also provides enhanced visibility for IT team members on user information throughout the BetterCloud user grid and User 360. 

For IT teams looking to implement zero touch principles into their most common and most time-consuming employee touch points, BetterCloud’s Workday integration is a great place to start. The automations you can build with BetterCloud and Workday not only streamline repetitive tasks, but they have a significant impact on the employee experience, from ensuring a new hire is ready to go on day 1 or that your organization is protected against security risks as users are offboarded.

Ready to learn more and integrate Workday into your BetterCloud instance? Head over to our Training & Enablement Knowledgebase or reach out to your BetterCloud account team today.