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This Week in Google Apps 3/23 – Google VP Steps Down, Chrome #1 and more

By BetterCloud Monitor | March 23, 2012

Take at a look at this week’s biggest stories in the Google Apps Ecosystem: Last Friday, David Girouard, the Vice President of Apps and President of Enterprise at Google, announced his departure. Eight years after joining Google to run the company’s burgeoning enterprise business, Girouard has left to head,…

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The Top 5 Ways to Extend Google Apps for Your Business

By BetterCloud Monitor | March 20, 2012

Cost savings, increased productivity and high employee satisfaction are some of the most common reasons organizations “Go Google” and native features like Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Docs and Sites enhance efficiency and streamline employee collaboration. However, some organizations require additional functionality outside of the standard Google Apps offerings. Whether it’s adding…

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This Week in Google Apps – 3/16

By BetterCloud Monitor | March 16, 2012

Take at a look at this week’s biggest stories in the Google Apps Ecosystem: This week, Google rolled out Docs integration with Google+ Hangouts to all users. In preview for a year, the integration, which is now available to all users, adds another layer on top of the many useful…

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The Evolution of Google Apps vs. Office 365

By BetterCloud Monitor | March 13, 2012

Disclaimer: This article was written based on the limited information available on Office 365 today. As the product goes into wider use, we look forward to re-evaluating this post.  There’s no arguing that Google Apps’ biggest enterprise competitor is Microsoft. In an attempt to stifle Google’s rapid domination of the…

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Top 6 Google Apps Features Released in the Last 6 Months

By BetterCloud Monitor | March 5, 2012

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits to switching to Google Apps is the constant addition of new product features. Google is known not only for its great innovation, but the pace at which such innovation is conducted. The rapidity of feature releases for Google Apps can sometimes cause users to…

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An Introduction to the Google Apps Marketplace

By David Politis | March 1, 2012

So you have moved your company over to Google Apps, and now that you are comfortable in a 100% web environment, you want to move more of your processes and applications into the cloud, but where is the best place to start? The Google Apps Marketplace is the first place…

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Cloud Alliance for Google Apps: Webinar Series

By BetterCloud Monitor | February 27, 2012

This past November, we announced the Cloud Alliance for Google Apps, a consortium of seven independent Software-as-a-Service providers, who build and deploy Google Apps extensions aimed at augmenting the user experience inside Google Apps. The seven member companies, which include Insightly, BetterCloud, Okta, Smartsheet, Spanning, RunMyProcess and Expensify have come…

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This Week in Google Apps – 2/24

By BetterCloud Monitor | February 24, 2012

Take at a look at this week’s biggest stories in the Google Apps Ecosystem: Microsoft made waves this week with their “Googlighting” video parodying the 1980’s ABC hit sitcom “Moonlighting.” Sure it was catchy, but while Microsoft was rolling out their viral video, Google was rolling out new product features…

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My Top 5 Gmail Labs

By David Politis | February 22, 2012

I recently looked back at my Gmail inbox and saw that the first message I ever sent was on September 14, 2004. Six years later, I decided to move my professional email to Google as well, on the Google Apps for Business platform. Now, after 14 months of intense use,…

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Introduction to BetterCloud

By David Politis | February 17, 2012

Thanks for visiting, for the last 3 months we’ve been focused on the launch of our flagship product, DomainWatch. We finally launched last week and I figured it was probably a good time to introduce the company in more broad terms. (note: historically, I haven’t been a big blogger…

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