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My Top 5 Gmail Labs

David Politis

February 22, 2012

2 minute read

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I recently looked back at my Gmail inbox and saw that the first message I ever sent was on September 14, 2004. Six years later, I decided to move my professional email to Google as well, on the Google Apps for Business platform. Now, after 14 months of intense use, I find it mind-boggling I ever functioned without Google Apps and some of the great Gmail labs.

Since our business is centered around Google Apps, I spend an inordinate amount of time exploring the different aspects of the suite. I regularly stumble upon features that in someway enhance or speed up my daily productivity. Usually I figure I’ve found a feature others have been using since its inception, but am realizing more and more that Google Apps users are actually missing out on these simple add-ons hiding right there in front of them. In fact, many of my friends haven’t used any Google Apps features released by Google in the last 12 months!

In an effort to share the robustness and potential of the Google Apps for Business suite, I’ve curated a list of my Top 5 Favorite Gmail Labs:

  1. Undo Send – A classic in Gmail labs, undo send, with time variables of 10, 20 and 30 seconds, allows users to undo sending an email for whatever reason
  2. Apps Search – Turns the Gmail search box into a universal Google Apps search box so you can find any doc, calendar or site all from within your Gmail inbox
  3. Cannded Responses – Writing the same email multiple times a day? With canned responses, you can save and quickly send common messages
  4. Preview Pane – Best for former Microsoft Outlook users, this lab allows users to read full email conversations right next to their inbox conversations list
  5. Unread Message Icon – Best for when you have multiple tabs open in your browser, this feature shows your unread message count no matter how small the Gmail tab appears

For more information on how to install these labs and find even more features, check out The Google Gooru here.

What’s your favorite Gmail Lab? Let us know in the comments below!