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Product Tip Tuesday: Optimizing Your BetterCloud Workflows


September 21, 2021

2 minute read

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We’ve used this space to talk a lot about BetterCloud Workflows. Specifically, we’ve explored how to trigger them and why they matter. Today, let’s talk about how to improve your workflows and ensure they are running as fast and efficiently as possible. We’ll do this based on use cases we’ve heard directly from you, as well as our team’s best practices. 

Workflows are most powerful when they’re fast and run reliably. Read on to see if it’s time to audit how your workflows are structured—and if there are opportunities to optimize their performance. 

Event-Based Workflows

While some of our workflows require an event to trigger an alert before they run, there are a set of events in Google Workspace that can trigger workflows directly. If you’re running workflows on this subset of events, directly triggering your workflows ensures they run as quickly as possible, rather than routing through the Alerts system.

On-Demand Workflows

While on-demand workflows may seem counterintuitive to IT automation, sometimes IT teams need to execute bulk actions without waiting for a triggering alert or event. Plus, IT pros need to test workflows from time to time. On-demand workflows are great in these cases

Sometimes you just can’t wait for workflows to run. In these instances, on-demand is the way to go. For a detailed step-by-step guide on how to execute these unique workflows, read more in our Help Center.

BetterCloud Workflow Templates

Workflow templates allow any BetterCloud admin to deploy best-practice workflows in a streamlined three-step process that takes just a few minutes. Templates offer a few of the most common use case workflows in an out-of-the-box format, allowing you to select an action, set a trigger, and have your workflow live in minutes. Learn more in this video:

YouTube video

Not only do these workflows streamline the workflow setup and testing process, but they provide a way for BetterCloud customers to apply best practices to their workflows directly within the platform.

No matter which type(s) of workflows you use, it’s no secret that they are powerful tools. It’s essential for IT to consistently optimize existing workflows to ensure that they’re tuned for your organization’s specific use-cases. It’s just as important to ensure that each workflow is maximized for efficiency and reliability.