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Google for Work: An Important Change for the Ecosystem

David Politis

September 2, 2014

2 minute read

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Today Google announced a huge change for the entire Google Apps ecosystem – Google Enterprise is now Google for Work.Google-for-Work (2)

Since Google launched its enterprise efforts with Google Search Appliance in 2002, the company has sought to do things differently. As Google Enterprise has grown and matured, Google’s mission has become clearer – people should be free to work the way they live with technology that helps, not hinders their productivity and frankly, while Google counts a number of large enterprises as customers, the Enterprise name has never fit Google’s brand or mission.

What’s Changed

Starting today, Google Enterprise is now Google for Work, and Google Enterprise Partners will be referred to as Google for Work Partners (BetterCloud is a Google for Work Premier Technology Partner). Partners are also required to implement new badges and icons depicting this name change.

I believe this new name more accurately embodies the company’s mentality and outlook towards productivity. And the name change is more than just a new brand, it’s a commitment to customers and partners alike that Google will continue to innovate and bring new and creative solutions to millions of business customers around the world.

What it Means for the Google Apps Ecosystem

While a rebranding might seem minor, Google’s decision to promote Google for Work over Google Enterprise is actually huge for the ecosystem. Whether you’re a Google Apps customer, reseller or ISV that’s built your business on the Google Apps platform, this change signals not only a mindshift within Google to refocus efforts on its business productivity tools and partners, but also shows a strong commitment from Google to continue to develop and innovate within this ecosystem.

Google has completely reimagined enterprise productivity since it first launched Search Appliance and later Apps, and today’s move shows a continued effort on the company’s part to push the boundaries of what work means in 2014.

Why it’s a Good Move

Google for Work is a better representation of not only Google’s company and culture, but also what its products represent. Google has never only built for the enterprise – large corporate environments. Rather, Google has sought to build for every company – large and small and everything in between to fit the needs of changing demographics and work habits. Google for Work showcases what Google’s products really are – incredible easy to use, built for any device and fully accessible from anywhere in the world.