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White Paper: Key Link Between Satisfaction with Google Apps and Use of Third-party Google Apps Marketplace Solutions


October 14, 2014

2 minute read

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Today, the Cloud Alliance for Google Apps, of which BetterCloud is a founding member, released a white paper in conjunction with research firm Frost & Sullivan. The paper, which adds supporting evidence to a report published by Frost and the Cloud Alliance earlier this year, points to the positive impact Google Apps Marketplace solutions have on the adoption of and overall satisfaction with Google Apps.

Access the white paper here

The report, which culled insights from more than 1,100 Google Apps administrators and leading industry analysts, uncovers a real need among organizations operating on Apps for complementary third-party products. According to a senior IT leader at the Alzheimer’s Association, “Marketplace vendors have already built the functionality we would have previously needed to build on our own,” saving the organization and thousands like it countless hours and valuable resources.

Third-party solutions are also helping organizations replace Microsoft Office functionality held over even after the transition to Google Apps. Replacing critical functionality like Microsoft Visio or Project as well as finding new ways to manage and secure the Google Apps suite are not only crucial from an administrator’s perspective, but can greatly ease the transition to Google Apps for end users who have operated on Microsoft Office for years. “We have used third-party apps to increase productivity, lower costs, increase functionality and increase adoption from the end users,” notes a senior IT leader at Konica Minolta.

To learn more about the findings, you can access the exclusive white paper here.

Additionally, as the Google Apps ecosystem grows, it’s crucial the Cloud Alliance grows with it. As such, today the Alliance is announcing that it is now accepting applications for its next class of member companies. Current members are leaders in their respective solution categories and together are responsible for publishing cutting-edge industry reports, which have helped to advance the ecosystem surrounding Google Apps. Learn more about the benefits of membership here.

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