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Introducing Google Apps Admin Awareness Month

BetterCloud Monitor

July 2, 2012

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BetterCloud is just six months old, but we’ve already interacted with thousands of Google Apps administrators and come to understand the challenges they face when using the platform. For many administrators who have been using legacy platforms for years, the transition to Google Apps can be tricky. And even the most expert admins are missing out on some of Google Apps’ most useful administrative features.

For these reasons, we’re devoting the BetterCloud blog to Google Apps administrators and declaring July “Google Apps Admin Awareness Month.”

What is Google Apps Admin Awareness Month?

Over the next thirty days, we aim to educate both novice and experienced Google Apps administrators on the extensive range of tips and tricks that can make managing a Google Apps domain more efficient and secure.

The first half of the month will focus on actions that can be completed using the Google Apps Control Panel and other native aspects of the suite, while the second half of July will address the broad range of management activities available through third-party Google Apps management tools.

By the end of July, we’re confident you’ll be managing your Google Apps domain like a pro!

If you have a management tip to share or have always wondered how to do something in Google Apps, let us know via Twitter @BetterCloud or in the comments section below.