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BetterCloud Named a Leader in Fourth Consecutive G2 Grid Report for SaaS Operations Management


June 22, 2022

3 minute read

G2SummerGrids 2022

Less than three months ago, we announced that G2 named BetterCloud a Leader in six of its Spring 2022 Grid Reports. Today, we’re back to announce that G2 has named us a Leader in the same categories in its Summer 2022 Grid reports. 

Several people reviewed drafts of this article before we published it, and many of them wondered if it was the same article we published in March. In some ways, that’s a good observation. It’s also what’s most striking about the latest edition of G2’s Grid Reports. Most notably, BetterCloud maintained its position as the Leader in G2’s SaaS Operations Management category for the fourth quarter in a row. 

These reports confirm (again) that BetterCloud is the only solution that can discover, manage, secure, automate, orchestrate and remediate all within a single platform. Additionally, this edition of the Grid Reports validates that BetterCloud is consistently making the right investments to improve the platform and enable IT teams to secure their growing portfolios of cloud-based applications. It also confirms that IT leaders that embrace a zero-touch IT mindset can make a dramatic impact on the entire organization.

While many of the rankings are similar to our Spring 2022 honors, there are a few things worth talking about this time around. Let’s take a closer look at how the customer feedback we received on G2’s platform impacted BetterCloud’s standing in the Summer 2022 Grid Reports.

BetterCloud remains the only single platform to discover, manage, and secure a cloud-first environment

The tech market has changed dramatically in the time since G2 published its Spring 2022 Grid Reports. But even as uncertainty increases across the industry, SaaS adoption continues to accelerate rapidly. So, too, does the need for what Gartner describes as a single orchestration point for visibility and control over your SaaS portfolio.

Based on the feedback we received from G2’s users, there’s a consensus that BetterCloud is the only solution that meets the growing need for a single platform to discover, manage, and secure a cloud-first environment.

Here’s how we rated across several of G2’s Grid reports this quarter:

Grid ReportRanking
Grid Report for Data Security SoftwareLeader
Grid® for User Provisioning and Governance ToolsLeader
Grid® for Cloud Security SoftwareLeader
Grid® for SaaS Operations Management SoftwareLeader
Grid® for Data Loss Prevention (DLP) SoftwareLeader
Grid® for Cloud File Security SoftwareLeader

Much like last quarter, our overall score in G2’s SaaS Operations Management Grid was based on hundreds of customer reviews. This means we received a high volume of quality reviews from actual BetterCloud customers, which is why these quarterly honors are always so humbling. 

How BetterCloud stacks up in G2’s Summer 2022 reports

Make it four quarters in a row that BetterCloud stands as the leader in G2’s SaaS Operations Management Software category. As usual, you’ll see that BetterCloud outpaces the competition in this category by a significant margin. In fact, BetterCloud scored a 99 out of 100 for market presence, further demonstrating the trust our customers have in the platform.

Although BetterCloud maintained its position as a Leader in six categories, there’s even more to dig into when you zoom in on the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) grid. Once again, BetterCloud is the only SaaS management platform that G2 evaluated for this Grid Report, but I was curious to see if any of the individual scores had increased since the Spring 2022 Reports were published. 

As you can probably guess by now, they increased by an amount worth writing about.

SatisfactionMarket PresenceG2 Score
Symantec Data Loss Prevention679480
Avanan Cloud Email Security975074
Zscaler Internet Access707773
Endpoint Protector by CoSoSys885572
McAfee DLP Endpoint636564
Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP)515653

Last March, BetterCloud received 69 reviews in the DLP category and had an overall score of 76. This time around, an additional three reviews bumped our Satisfaction score to 90, our Market Presence score to 65, and our overall G2 score to 78. 

BetterCloud has made significant investments to improve the platform over the last few months. This small, but critical uptick is another layer of validation that BetterCloud is the top option on the market for organizations looking for one platform to transform their employee experience, maximize operational efficiency, and centralize data protection. 

Want to learn more about why BetterCloud ranks so highly across all of these G2 grid reports? Click here to schedule a demo.