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  • How to evaluate SaaS apps in four stages
  • 45 questions to consider when choosing a new app
  • A spreadsheet template to keep your process organized
  • Bonus: 6 things to look for in a secure SaaS vendor

What does compliance mean for IT? And how do you achieve it in the digital workplace?

Learn how IT and SaaSOps professionals can conquer compliance in the era of SaaS.

What's inside the guide:

All too often, a single new app ends up introducing enormous (and unnecessary) risks to your company’s SaaS environment. While there are some fairly obvious security and budget-oriented risks of SaaS, this ebook explores how:

  • IT consistently underestimates the number of SaaS apps running unseen throughout the enterprise 

  • Apps grow into a complex, unwieldy web of users, data, and interactions

  • SaaS expands into an expensive, new attack vector that’s ripe for novice hackers to exploit


Your employees are using more SaaS apps than you think
Get insights into SaaS usage by company size

Unsanctioned apps silently kill SaaS economies
Unpack the risks of the SaaS explosion across the enterprise

SaaS sprawl is becoming the #1 challenge for IT & security
Learn 7 critical tactics to control enterprise SaaS environments

As every technical department on the planet redefines how they operate, the role of the CIO needs to evolve. How can a modern CIO help businesses meet new challenges, unlock hidden value through technology, and keep data secure in a remote-first environment?

Every time you add a new application to your cloud-based environment, your offboarding process gets significantly more complicated.

  • How to turn your IT department into a strategic business partner—and how we did it at BetterCloud

  • The four critical steps for CIOs to become strategic IT leaders

  • How to create an automation-first strategy

  • How driving customer outcomes and overcoming inequalities go hand-in-hand in our changed business world


This guide is packed with practical tips that will enable you to gain the proverbial seat at the table, including:

How to Evolve IT from a Reactive Cost Center to a Strategic Partner

Companies that leverage technology to enable business strategy can build a significant competitive advantage. As much as technology teams need to change how they approach their work, CIOs need to evolve even more dramatically.

Tommy brings two decades of experience in IT, security, infrastructure, privacy, compliance, and technical strategy across SaaS environments. He joins BetterCloud from Bullhorn, a global leader in software for the staffing industry, where he served as the SVP of Global Security and Information Productivity with ownership over security, compliance, privacy, information technology, enterprise applications, data science and technical project management functions. Previously, he served as the CIO at Peoplenet, where he played a critical role in building the company’s technology and security programs from the ground up. Tommy holds an MBA and B.B.A from Georgia State University.

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