Google Apps Marketplace – The Marketplace serves as the central location for all third-party apps, also known as Google Apps Extensions. Within the Marketplace, administrators can browse and install cloud applications that integrate with Google Apps. These applications are organized into several different categories such as Admin ToolsProductivity, and others. Most of the Apps in the Marketplace can only be downloaded by the Administrator of a Domain. The marketplace also provides customer reviews. In reviews, customer rates app on a scale of 1-5 and can also give written reviews. The Marketplace is routinely updated with a ranking of the most used, and the most highly rated Google Apps Extensions.

Google Applications – One of best parts about Google Apps is the third-party Google Applications that allow a foray of new functionality in all of the various apps (Docs, Spreadsheets, Sites, etc.). Google Applications enhance the overall experience of Google Apps, and add not only functionality but also usability. Many of the Google Applications make the native Apps easier to use, and add functions that Google does not include. While the default Google Apps provide an extremely helpful cloud-based solution to E-mail and company documents, Google Applications can add functionality and improve the overall user experience of Google Apps, Google Apps for Business, and Google Apps for Education.

Google Apps Reseller – For large organizations, migrating to Google Apps can be a time consuming and complicated process involving potentially thousands of email accounts and hundreds of thousands of documents and contacts. This process can be made simpler by using a Google Apps reseller to assist with or conduct your organization’s migration to Google Apps. Resellers also offer user training and often times custom app development to create a custom environment in the cloud.