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And the FlashPanel Feature Contest Winner is…

David Politis

November 9, 2012

2 minute read


FlashPanel for Google Apps Management Based on feedback gathered from a recent customer survey, we realized that our customers have some brilliant ideas for improving and enhancing FlashPanel. To narrow down the requests and zero in on the most popular features, we decided to launch the first-ever FlashPanel feature contest.

Customers have been submitting feature suggestions and voting up others’ requests in the BetterCloud Knowledge Base. All in all, we received 59 requests, 155 votes, 87 comments and over 2,500 views (not bad for our first feature contest). The results were so close, we couldn’t pick just one winner, so today we’re pleased to announce our two winning features:

Email Signature: If value is null, move text up

Submitted by Tomi Mitrovic and David Christenson, this feature seeks to address blank lines that appear in email signatures in the place of missing user directory information. Once the feature is built, users who are missing information in certain categories will have text in their signatures moved up, effectively deleting any blank lines.

Calendar Delegation

Submitted by Jason Glenn, this feature will allow Google Apps administrators to delegate calendar viewing and/or editing rights to other users, much like our email delegation tool.

We plan to build both of these features into FlashPanel before the end of the year and if you’d like to make specific design requests for either of these features, you can do so by commenting on the original submissions.

Thanks again to all of our customers who participated. Your feedback has been invaluable and only serves to make FlashPanel an even stronger tool. We look forward to your continued input and encourage you to submit feature requests through our knowledge base here.


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