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Announcing the Release of Our New Book: Controlling Your SaaS Environment

David Politis

October 25, 2017

3 minute read

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At BetterCloud, we pride ourselves on saying that we “wrote the book” on SaaS application management and security.

As the team behind the first-ever SaaS application management and security platform, we’re experts on all things SaaS. It’s what we do best; it’s what we’re passionate about.

But now we’ve written the book on SaaS management and securityliterally.

I’m thrilled to announce the publication of Controlling Your SaaS Environment: A Six-Part Framework for Effectively Managing and Securing SaaS Applications.

To get the book, visit The eBook will be free on Amazon for a limited time only.

Why I Wrote This Book

As SaaS adoption continues to rise and power workplaces around the world, I realized IT professionals lacked a clear framework outlining what effective SaaS management and security should look like. They had no guiding principles. Nothing explained how they should be thinking about SaaS data, or how they could overcome common challenges in SaaS environments. 

Controlling Your SaaS Environment is the result of interviews, surveys, and conversations with thousands of IT professionals over the past three years. I used these insights to create the six-part SaaS Application Management and Security Framework™, which teaches IT professionals how to regain control and clarity over their SaaS environment.

What’s In the Book

By reading Controlling Your SaaS Environment, you will:

  • Understand the key challenges faced by modern IT professionals, and why the status quo for SaaS application management and security cannot continue
  • Learn best practices for IT on managing, securing, and supporting modern workplace technology
  • Envision what an “enlightened” state for IT would look like when the framework is fully executed
  • Connect the framework to real-life news stories and data that illustrate the potential risks and costs of failing to manage and secure SaaS apps more holistically
  • Visualize how all six elements of the framework build upon each other to create a high-performing IT environment
  • Explore the range of solutions for executing the framework, including different vendors’ advantages, disadvantages, and functionalities

Early feedback has been fantastic so far. Readers have said that it “nails all the challenges that companies face adopting SaaS” and is “a must read for every modern IT professional.”

In Conclusion

Visit to get the book. We’re offering a FREE e-book copy to readers on Amazon for a limited time. 

One last note: We’re already starting to work on the second edition of Controlling Your SaaS Environment (to be released in 2018). We’re looking to augment the framework with best practices, anecdotes, real-life examples, and commentary from IT professionals like you. If you’d like to share your insights and be featured in the next edition, please email our editor at

I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

David Politis, Founder and CEO of BetterCloud

PS. We built BetterCloud around this framework, not the other way around. If you’d like to explore what BetterCloud can do for you, visit