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BetterCloud Overview

Learn how our leading SaaS management platform can help IT teams centrally automate processes and policies across your SaaS portfolio

BetterCloud is purpose-built for solving many of IT’s biggest problems

With SaaS adoption growing 38% YoY and existing solutions not designed to handle this aggressive SaaS sprawl, IT teams need a solution that transforms the employee experience, centralizes data protection, and maximizes operational efficiency


Quickly discover SaaS apps across your company to consolidate redundancies for greater cost efficiency and improve overall team collaboration.


BetterCloud saves us a lot of money because we’ve run into holes before where we're over licensed.”

Jon Aviles

Senior IT Identity Management Engineer, Ibotta



Reclaim time for more strategic IT work while improving the experience of every employee by implementing ‘zero touch’ user lifecycle management workflows.


Now that we've automated routine tasks like provisioning or deprovisioning users with BetterCloud, we can focus on more important projects and better support other teams’ initiatives."

Jake De Jesus

IT Engineer, SpotHero



Proactively protect your company’s data and support internal compliance policies with sensitive content discovery and more effective automated threat remediation.


BetterCloud has given us critical insight into how information is shared across the company. With BetterCloud, we can perform one action and know that everything else will be taken care of, saving us hours of work."

Makina Celestine

IT Manager, Dig


Automate to Innovate —
Zero Touch SaaS Operations with BetterCloud

Watch this demo of BetterCloud platform in action and see how it can help take your IT organization to new heights.