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The Fundamentals of Role-Based Access Control

Statista reports that there were a whopping 540 data breaches in 2020. The solution for many IT teams? A slightly more nuanced approach known as role-based access control (RBAC). This is not exactly a new approach, but it enables you to grant access based on the specific needs of each user’s role and business unit. Let’s take a closer look.

Megan Bozman
6 min read
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IT Considerations for a Remote World: How Tech Companies View DLP & Vulnerabilities

What should IT leaders in today’s remote work environment be thinking about when it comes to data protection, particularly with SaaS? We dug into the data to see how SaaS-savvy tech leaders view data loss vulnerabilities as well as what they do for data loss prevention (DLP).

Natalie Robb
3 min read
Data protection featureImage

Data Protection and SaaSOps on Your Zero Trust Journey

With the shift to remote work and continued acceleration of SaaS adoption, Zero Trust is more relevant than ever. Here, we talk about shared commonalities between the newer Zero Trust eXtended (ZTX) model and SaaSOps—specifically visibility and automated data protection.

Natalie Robb
5 min read
4InsiderThreatsThatShouldKeepYouUpatNight ftr

4 insider threats that should keep you up at night

Learn about four of the most common, and most insidious, types of insider threats that you should be on the lookout for in your SaaS environment.

6 min read
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How to Keep Institutional Knowledge from Walking Out the Door

As boomers retire, companies are unwittingly losing valuable institutional data. Why? Because, while the retiree’s job is transitioned to a new employee, many organizations don’t consider the knowledge and experience walking out the door with that employee. Since boomers are the first generation to transfer their knowledge to machines and computer programs and not to apprentices and junior employees, it’s important to know how to transfer all of this data smoothly as part of an ongoing search journey.

Bryan McKay
4 min read
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6 Things You Should Look for When Selecting a Secure SaaS Vendor

Selecting the right SaaS vendors can prove instrumental in propelling your organization to the next level. However, that’s only one piece of the puzzle. You also need to select vendors with the right security measures in place. This is especially true if you are giving them access to other SaaS applications that are critical to your organization or process sensitive information. But how do you know if a SaaS vendor is secure? We sat down with BetterCloud’s Security Compliance Director Mosi Platt to find out.

Peter Fretty
5 min read
what does successful security program ftr

What Does a Successful Security Program Look Like?

In the era of data breaches, what makes up a successful security program? BetterCloud’s Senior Security Architect Austin Whipple shares what success and failure look like in a security program. After reading this article, you’ll come away with a few ideas you can implement right away. Here’s what he’s seen work.

Austin Whipple
9 min read
zerotrustsecurity 3 ftr

The Essential Steps, Tools, and Technologies for Achieving a Zero Trust Security Model in Your SaaS Environment

It’s time to get tactical. In the third and final part of our blog series, we discuss the necessary tools and technologies to implement a Zero Trust security model in your SaaS environment.

Arun Shrestha
3 min read
zerotrustsecurity 2 ftr

Rolling Out a Zero Trust Security Model? Here’s What You Need to Think About

In part two of our blog series, we discuss 12 best practices when implementing a Zero Trust security model for effective SaaS management.

Arun Shrestha
3 min read
zerotrustsecurity ftr

Taming SaaS Security Challenges with the Zero Trust Security Model

Today, the new reality is that network-based security is no longer adequate. Companies need to invest in a new security architecture to effectively manage their sprawling SaaS portfolio. Enter: Zero Trust. Part one of our blog series explores why a new security framework is essential right now.

Arun Shrestha
4 min read
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