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Product Tip Tuesday: Dropbox Account Capture


February 26, 2019

2 minute read

ptt0225 dropboxcapture ftr

Welcome back to Product Tip Tuesday, where each Tuesday we give you a quick use case that you can apply in BetterCloud. This week, we have a new alert and actions that we developed in conjunction with our partner Dropbox.

In BetterCloud, customers can now receive an alert when users have been forced to migrate their independent Dropbox account into the company’s Dropbox Business Enterprise account. This alert can then be used to trigger actions on captured users to ensure their settings conform with the company’s security policies.

When a user’s account is captured, you can automatically revoke third-party apps and revoke devices from that user’s account to reduce your risk of insider threats. You can also add traditional onboarding actions to this workflow to ensure data integrity and integrate the user into your organization (for example, setting that user’s role to “member” and adding them to a group).

Here’s how to set it up in BetterCloud:

dropbox account capture


If you just purchased an Enterprise plan for Dropbox Business, this simple workflow can be used together with Dropbox’s Account Capture action to gather all previously independent users, integrate them into your new Enterprise plan for Dropbox Business, and apply uniform security policies. From that point on, any user across your organization who creates an account with their work email address will be captured from Dropbox and integrated into Dropbox Business with this BetterCloud workflow.

Check back next Tuesday for another BetterCloud product tip!