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Forrester publishes report on the SaaS operations solution provider market for Q3 2021

Last week, Forrester published an in-depth analysis of the SaaS operations solution provider market for…

Shreyas Sadalgi
4 min read
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Gartner Market Guide for SaaS Management Platforms 2021: Discover, Manage & Secure Your SaaS Apps

Last week, Gartner published the 2021 edition of its Market Guide for SaaS Management Platforms (SMPs). Here’s our full analysis and key takeaways from the report.

Shreyas Sadalgi
6 min read
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Forrester Research Publishes Best Practices Report on SaaS Operations

In this report, Forrester interviewed IT leaders from some of the world’s largest companies to understand the current best practices for mastering SaaS operations. As a result, it does a great job describing the current IT landscape and the key challenges organizations face around multi-SaaS environments. We encourage you to read the full report, but let’s explore a few of the takeaways from the report.

Shreyas Sadalgi
4 min read
ForresterRecaap featureImage

The Total Economic Impact of BetterCloud, a Study Conducted by Forrester Consulting

In this TEI (Total Economic Impact) study, Forrester Consulting interviewed BetterCloud customers and assessed the benefits of deploying the leading SaaSOps platform. The results? Time savings, cost savings, reduced risk exposure, and more. Here’s a recap of the study.

Megan Bozman
3 min read
transformingteamsleadwithsaas og

Transforming Teams to Lead with SaaS: Insights from Gartner

Many of the existing ways of managing IT are no longer applicable to environments dominated by SaaS. Gartner analysts recently released a new report describing how Infrastructure and Operations leaders must transform the roles and skills of IT teams as they shift to SaaS. We found that Gartner’s insights validate many of the components of BetterCloud’s SaaSOps framework.

Megan Bozman
5 min read
gartnerreport marketguide ftr compressor

Gartner’s New Market Category: SaaS Management Platforms (SMPs)

Gartner has recognized a brand new market: SaaS management platforms (SMPs), which provide additional capabilities to fill the operational gaps left by native admin consoles. In their first-ever Market Guide for SaaS Management Platforms, Gartner has identified BetterCloud as a representative vendor.

Shreyas Sadalgi
4 min read
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