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BetterCloud's Keys to Managing your Google Apps Domain: Asset Visibility

BetterCloud Monitor

September 14, 2012

< 1 minute read

This August, we launched the very first version-now white paper, BetterCloud’s Keys to Managing your Google Apps Domain. We chose to house the white paper in a Google Doc rather than a stagnant PDF because doing so means we can easily update and add to the document. Plus, we’ve given all of our readers comment access, which means you can give us feedback (or a tip we didn’t think of) right in the doc.

Our white paper currently covers a range of topics from user onboarding and deprovisioning to user management, Control Panel settings and even best practices for Gmail settings, and today we’re pleased to announce the addition of Asset Visibility, including the benefits of asset visibility and how to get it.

Read the full white paper here and check back in two weeks for our next update, when we add Best Practices for Change Management.