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Product Tip Tuesday: Automatically Expire Public Links in Dropbox by Using BetterCloud Workflows


February 25, 2020

< 1 minute read

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SaaS apps are known for making the workplace more collaborative; file sharing is one of the SaaS features that makes this seamless collaboration, both internally and externally, possible. Whether you are sharing a link with a teammate or you’re sending a customer a file, work is easier when you can collaborate with just a few clicks. However, what happens when you share a link with a person, but you don’t want them to be able to access that information indefinitely?

Dropbox gives you the option of putting an expiration date on links that you share, but the reality is that not everyone will use that feature. However, BetterCloud gives you the ability to build a backstop to this problem using a simple workflow.

In BetterCloud, create a new workflow. The “when” action will be “Public link created for Dropbox file.” Your “then” actions will be to wait for 30 days, then “delete shared link.” It should look like the workflow below.

This workflow ensures that if your end users forget to create an expiration date for a link, the link will still expire in the time frame that fits your company’s policy, ensuring the protection of your data.

To learn more about BetterCloud’s partnership with Dropbox, take a look at our announcement post, and if you have questions about how to implement this in your environment, please contact support or your CSM.