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Mapbox upholds compliance standards and increases IT efficiency using BetterCloud

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Challenge As he joined Mapbox, the Head of IT, Security & Compliance, was tasked with building out an extensive automation system for employee lifecycle management. Additionally, the Mapbox Head of IT, Security & Compliance wanted to implement measures to uphold Mapbox’s standards in data privacy, data security, monitoring, management, and alerting. One of the first…

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SpotHero saves time and increases visibility with BetterCloud

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 Challenge:Being a small IT team, the department supported the entire company and needed a way to automate repetitive tasks (like setting up a new user), so they could save time and focus on higher impact projects. Solution:In looking at vendors in the SaaS Management Platform space, BetterCloud was the clear winner that could deliver significant…

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Turo’s IT team receives a 500% efficiency boost from BetterCloud

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Challenge: The company sought best-in-class tools that would optimize IT functions, replacing time-consuming and error-prone manual work with automation. However, Turo needed help configuring these applications to work together seamlessly. Solution: Incorporated dozens of manual tasks into BetterCloud’s automated workflows Reduced the onboarding process from more than five hours to less than an hour Streamlined…

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