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SpotHero saves time and increases visibility with BetterCloud

Being a small IT team, the department supported the entire company and needed a way to automate repetitive tasks (like setting up a new user), so they could save time and focus on higher impact projects.

In looking at vendors in the SaaS Management Platform space, BetterCloud was the clear winner that could deliver significant time savings with automated workflows.

Although the IT team initially selected BetterCloud for its automated workflows, the team quickly uncovered additional value by getting full visibility into its SaaS applications landscape.

“We believe that BetterCloud is the leader, and we wouldn’t be where we are today if we went with another company. Other companies are focused on integrations, but their price is way higher and the workflow functionality is limited.” – Jake De Jesus, IT Engineer

Through the use of BetterCloud, SpotHero is able to:

  • Streamline and efficiently manage employee onboarding and offboarding by using BetterCloud’s automated workflows and role-based access configurations
  • Gain visibility into files containing sensitive data and files shared externally
  • Automate alerts based on user behavior to detect potential risks
  • Leverage strong partnership with BetterCloud’s support team to learn best practices and use workflow templates to get up and running quickly
  • Focus on more strategic initiatives and projects more aligned with career growth goals


  • Reduce onboarding time by 52%
  • Decrease onboarding steps by 85%
  • Minimize risk of human error with automated user lifecycle management
  • Increase security by enabling alert notifications for files shared externally

Use Cases

File security
User lifecycle management
Visibility & auditability


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